Reviews are now appearing on our website

Hello, readers! Our ‘Blog’ tab has changed to ‘Articles & Reviews’, as our website will now be including written reviews of poetry publications in addition to future features and other types of articles.

If any publishers are interested in sending review copies (either in print form or electronically as .pdf files), please get in contact with us. Each of our poets will have different interests in terms of what they’re reviewing and how, so we’ll be including short reviewing philosophies here to give you an idea of what to expect from some of these reviews.

Sean: “I’m currently interested in reviewing pamphlets/chapbooks of poetry, primarily. As a medium, pamphlets tend to get more overlooked than collections, so my wanting to read more in-depth looks at poetry pamphlets is the main reason for focusing on pamphlet-length publications. Expect these to be less of an “I thought these parts were good and these ones less good” kind of evaluation and more of a “I found these things interesting for these reasons.” I don’t see much of a point in writing about something I don’t like (I’m not exactly sure who benefits from takedown pieces other than the generic kind of internet user who logs on just to argue with people), so it’s pretty safe to assume that any piece I write about is one I enjoy. There will also be a mixture of American and British formatting, which is probably incredibly annoying to some of you, but know these choices are deliberate and either aesthetically-driven or, to me, logically-driven.”

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