First commissioned for the Verve Poetry Festival, Playground is a full-length group poetry and spoken word show that captures the sounds and experiences of growing up alongside friends and strangers. Featuring performers who went to school in four different countries, it highlights not just how universal some of those experiences are, but also how adult life features its own kind of playground dynamics: camaraderie, isolation, reprieve and much, much more. Funny, deeply moving, engrossing, Playground is group performance poetry at its finest by four incredible individual poets who become something astonishing when they collaborate.

9.99 £



‘Poems of tumbling yet sharp diverting thoughts, there is a wilderness to the writing that marks Gill as both a poet of instinctive and attentive craft.’ Antosh Wojcik ‘Raft tackles trauma without apology, with care and sensitivity, with authenticity and courage. A striking new collection with timely relevance.’ Nafeesa Hamid Anne Gill tells the story of Raft from the edge of a precipice. Through the eyes of Penguin 2, she shows us the blindspots of recovery. You will hold your breath as you read. This book is a map and a prescription for healing, essential reading for anyone tunneling their way out of pain.

6.00 £

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