Second City Poets

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the poet I am today without Second City Poets. Sean, Anne and Hannah are so engaged with poetic practice and always give well considered feedback to improve delivery and content. I never feel pressured to change my style to fit any of theirs, and feel valued, supported and respected when working with them. As coaches for our Unislam team in 2021, they supported us creating engaging solo and group pieces that led us all the way to the grand final, coming 2nd place overall. They’re genuinely lovely people, so working with them is always a joy.

Hannah Burrows

Hannah, Sean and Anne consistently made me feel comfortable and valued in sessions, and helped me progress as a poet and a person. Their insight and articulation of ideas made me question the roots of my writing to develop it further, whilst their technical understanding allowed me to approach my poems from different angles I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Their workshops are well-paced and informative, and also create a relaxed space for sharing and discussion.

Lucas Sheridan

Hannah Ledlie

Hannah Ledlie is a wonderful, attentive editor with a keen eye for what a piece needs to reach its potential. The feedback she provides is well-balanced and constructive, giving you a clear sense of a piece’s strengths, and places where it could be made stronger. Hannah can improve the impact of your work with one unilateral tweak, as well as offering subtle improvements in word-choice and sentence structure. I can’t recommend her services enough.

Jonah Corren

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